Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy Birthday, Laura!

Happy birthday to my baby-est sister, Laura!

Here's a picture of me, Sara, and Laura from December 2007:

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Congrats again to Sara and Bret!

My cellphone rang at 2:30 today.

Sara: Do you have a minute to talk?

Mary: Well, I'm at work. But what's up?

S: Bret and I got married today.

M: That's weird.

S: Why is that weird? That's what people do after they get engaged. They get married.

M: Engaged people usually tell their friends and family the DATE that they're going to get married.

S: Why would we do that? Then everyone would want to be there. We wanted it just Bret and me.

M: Hmmm. Well... congratulations!

Monday, February 23, 2009


Friday night Elliot and I saw "MacHomer," which is a performance of Shakespeare's "Macbeth" by one man who acts out the parts as if they are Simpson's characters. It was very good. Better than we thought it would be. The actor uses props and he imitates 50 different voices from the Simpson's during the play. Elliot and I had a great time.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Noche Flamenca

Last night Elliot, John, and I went to a performance by Noche Flamenca. It was awesome!

The group had two guitarists, two singers, and four dancers. The dancers' bodies were as much a part of the music as the guitars and singing-- the dancers stomp, clap, slap their arms and thighs, and call out to each other. It felt very emotionally intense at some points in the performance.

Elliot especially liked the show. It was a unique experience, and I'm so glad that we went.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I got Mary some chocolate for Valentine's Day!

They came from far away! They have no preservatives(unless you count sugar)!

Here's how the unboxing went down.
Fancy outer box! The foil reflects heat I think! Can't have those chocolates melting.

Fancy inner box! There's a special message in there and also a cold gel pack.
The orange stuff isn't chocolate, but insulation.
A garantee of quality!


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Honest Abe

Happy 200th birthday, President Abraham Lincoln! (My favorite president!)

Interesting fact: Charles Darwin had the exact same birthday as President Lincoln. Happy 200th, Charles Darwin!

Although the two men never met, here is an article about how Darwin's and Lincoln's life works were connected: click here

Sunday, February 08, 2009

3rd Annual Visit to Apalachicola

Elliot and I took our 3rd trip to Apalachicola this past Friday and Saturday. We had a wonderful time, despite the fact that it was basically a series of mishaps and misfortunes.

We were excited to go back to Apalachicola because we took up bird watching this past year and we figured that we might see some new species. Friday after work we packed for our trip and hopped in Elliot's car. About an hour into the car ride, a bird flew into the side of the car, killing itself. We didn't run into it-- it ran into us. Not a happy way to start the trip. Especially not a bird watching trip.

In Apalachicola, we rented a room at a bed and breakfast, then went and had a delicious dinner. Once we got back to the room, I climbed into the bed, which was very high off of the ground and required a step-stool to get into. It was a big, four-poster bed and it had a thick, wooden frame. When I decided to get back down off the bed, I slid down the side and hit my leg very,very hard along the frame, giving myself big, purple bruise. It hurt so badly!

The next day, Elliot and I walked all over the downtown area. Apalachicola has a bird sanctuary with a science center and a nature trail, so we decided to go check it out. The science center was closed, so we took the nature trail in order to do some bird watching. We saw a big flock of robins at the start of the trail and we took a long time observing them.

As we continued, walking past the robins, I felt a scratch along my lower back and reached back to brush away whatever was touching me. I felt dirt or something like it all over my back. Unsure of what it was, I touched under my waistband and felt still more dirt. Feeling concerned, I reached down into my underwear and felt that my underwear was full of dirt, too. I had no idea where it came from, so I got frantic.

"Elliot! There are little things in my underwear! LOTS OF THEM!!!"

Without even thinking, I pulled down my pants and the back of my underwear, brushing frantically at my rear end. Elliot helped me, trying not to laugh.

We got everything out of my pants (still not sure what it was or how it got there), looked around to make sure no one saw, then moved on. Not twenty feet ahead we saw a sign. This is what it said (no joke): "Due to a recent problem with vandalism in this area, police will be patrolling here on a regular basis. Video surveillance cameras have be set up along the trail. Vandals will be prosecuted."

Elliot and I sure got a laugh out of that. I'm sure that the Apalachicola police department got quite a laugh, too, watching some crazy lady dance around with her butt hanging out of her pants. (If there are in fact cameras, that is.)

At the end of the trail, we DID see a bald eagle! That made it worth it.

The rest of the trip was fine-- we bought some chocolates from a chocolatier. They weren't very good. Then we went to a few antique stores, found nothing that we wanted to buy, and went home.

Can't wait to go back next year!!!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Happy Birthday, Sara!

Today is my sister Sara's birthday. She shares her birthday with our Uncle Jack and our cousin Lori. Happy birthday to all!

Here's a picture of Sara that's AT LEAST 6 years old:

Monday, February 02, 2009


Specifically, either a "Five-lined Skink" or a "Southeastern Five-lined Skink," according to wikipedia anyway. Either way, it's a juvenille and it looks totally cool.

We found it in the back yard crawling around in the dirt, probably hunting centipedes. Which they supposedly eat. Yeah, right. Let's just say I haven't seen any skinks up untill now but I have seen centipedes on multiple occasions. You do the math.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Congrats to Sara and Bret!

My sister, Sara, called me tonight.

Sara: Come over. I have something I want to show you.

Me: What is it? We have to go grocery shopping and it's already late. Can it wait until tomorrow?

S: No. Just come over. I want to show you.

M: Did you get a pet? A cat?

S: No. Come over.

M: Are you pregnant or something?

S: No!

M: Did you find a baby somewhere? Is there a baby involved in this?

S: No!

M: Then it can wait until tomorrow. I'll call you then.

S: Just come over!

M: Tell me what it is you want to show me, then I'll decide if we're coming over.

S: It's an engagement ring.

So congratulations to Sara and Bret. No date is set yet, but the ring is very pretty (we did go see it, after all). A diamond solitaire. Good for them!

Robin 'hood

Our neighborhood has been full of robins lately. Today they descended on our yard. The cats were beside themselves...