Sunday, September 27, 2009

That About Sums It Up

Elliot: William, please stop... William, stop that right now... If you don't stop, you'll get a time out.

William: Time out AGAIN?!?!

And that about sums up our weekend.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Introducing Mocha

My sister, Sara, and her husband, Bret, adopted a dog in June. Mocha is a sweet and lovable mixed-breed. William loves her and she's great with kids. Not so great with cats and other small animals-- apparently she used to live on a farm and they got rid of her because she kept going after the chickens.

Isn't she cute?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Scribblenauts: Sweet Hat, Sweeter Game!

I pre-ordered this game called Scribblenauts and as a reward received this neat hat.

The main character in the game wears the same sort of hat. The game is about a character who creates things by writing words in order to solve puzzles. There are over 22,000 words that the game will recognize and render, with varying levels of interactivity. It is incredibly fun and interesting to me. I have already derived enough fun from this game to justify the asking price and I am only 1/5th done with it.

Here are some examples of things that can be done:
-Shock a cadaver and watch it come to life as a Zombie/Frankenstein style monster!
-Make a Pegasus-creature and glue a steel spike on its head so you have a super, flying, unicorn! (You could always spawn a normal unicorn but then it wouldn't fly.)
-You can make a seed then use some fertilizer on it and then water it to grow a flower!
-You can feed donuts to cops until they go to sleep so you can sneak past them, or distract people with money.

The game's not perfect by any stretch but it is great and much more fun than frustrating. It is for the Nintendo DS or DSi. And I would recommend it to anyone who can have a fun time by exploring the relationships that this game has programmed in.

Here is a link to the Scribblenauts section of a site that aggregates reviews: metacritic.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Elliot's Family

Elliot's Mom's side of the family, minus Elliot, his sister, and a cousin.

That's Elliot's Mema sitting in the center of the couch. Soon to be GREAT-Mema! :)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Baby In My Belly

Elliot and I are going to have a baby! I'm 11 1/2 weeks along right now.

Elliot and I are very excited. William is, too, and in his excitement he has declared himself "pregnant." We tried to explain to him that only girls can have babies, but he doesn't want to hear it. He tells us when his baby is sleeping and sometimes that it's drinking a bottle (inside of his belly).

William's pregnancy is going remarkably smoothly, but I've had some pretty bad morning sickness. I think it's beginning to get better, though.

As soon as I start to get a belly I'll post some pictures!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Firemen Do Not Put Fire On People

The other day a fire truck went racing by our car. William loves fire trucks, so Elliot and I pointed it out to him.

"They gonna go put fire on the bad guys?"

"What? No! Firemen don't put fire ON people. They put fires out. They bring water to fires and spray the water and put the fires out."

"They put fires out?"


"Then they put the fire on the bad guys?"

"No. They just put the fires out with water. They only put water on things."

"Only water?"


"WATER on the bad guys?..."

I still don't think he gets it. We'll have to work on that one.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Waina from Nigeria

I never did make a post last May when Elliot and I made Waina from Nigeria. It was the last World Peas recipe we were able to make before we became foster parents. We really need to get back to that project, but it's harder to do now that we have small children around. You know how picky kids can be about eating.

Waina is basically an omelet. Really easy to make. You're supposed to serve it with bread, and so we bought some fresh baked bread from the bakery at the grocery store. Yum.