Sunday, July 07, 2013

Finally, An Update!

Well, we made it. We're all moved in to our new house and our house in Tallahassee has been updated (painted, new flooring, etc.) and we have renters. Let me tell you, moving with four cats and four small kids was CRAAAAAAAZY. But it was definitely worth it. Our new house is bigger, nicer, in a better neighborhood with better schools, and we're close to family. The kids are very happy in their new home. So are Elliot and I.

I owe everybody some pictures. Here's one from April, when the kids went to Eric and Kiki's biological sister's birthday party:

This one's from May, before we moved:

The kids started their annual summer swim lessons this June, after we moved. Here they are in their grandparents' pool:

The kids won't all fit in the bathtub together for much longer. Here they are on the 4th of July, getting ready to go to a party. I think this is my favorite picture of them ever:

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